The Effects on Family

Dementia is a cruel disease and the effects on family life can feel like a disaster; it affects every member of the family not just the person with dementia.

The loss of memory and sometimes the hurtful words that come out, makes looking after a spouse with dementia quite difficult. The family needs full support from friends and relations not isolation, there are many articles written and we have written a hand book on simple hints to assist families. We can also provide training and develop packages for families of people with dementia and staff.

Understanding Dementia

home_featured02There are many types of dementia and all have different behaviours and effects on the body and mind.

Dementia effects different parts of the brain and results in many changes such as;
Memory loss, Confusion, Eye sight, Depth perception, Noise, Colour, lack of comprehension of what is being asked.

This can easily lead to negative behaviour in the person with dementia and frustration in the person caring for them. The main aim of care is to encourage them to have happy thoughts or what we say the result is the “person is in a happy place”.

Understanding these areas can assist in providing long term care with a degree of ease in helping your spouse, family member or client.


The environment can play a big part in the care of someone with dementia, the right floor coverings may stop falls, labels on cupboards and items can assist, pictures of family on the wall or in an album, gardens can be very good in assisting with behaviour in calming the person, colours and lighting.

We have detailed the environment in our hand book and based on the numerous papers written on this we can also provide further information and training in this area.

We can provide advice and education about ensuring positive designs of Dementia Centres, and other environments that provide care of the person with dementia, that enhance the quality of life for the person with dementia and their visitors.

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