Our training covers a broad area in aged care.

Aged Care: skills for carers, communication, documentation, and other areas as needed.
Dementia: Understanding dementia, caring for the person with dementia.

Assisting in the setup of dementia centres.
home_featured01Environment in nursing homes.

Training in dementia covers all the different aspects of dementia and it is focus how we care for dementia patients and the role of nurses and carers (see Dementia page).

We also can provide training for management of facilities including management of staff, development of policies/procedures, staffing requirements (e.g. roster strategies) and other areas as needed.

Courses can be designed for cultural needs and requirements.

Documentation including assistance with accreditation, assessment documents of clients, documentation of clinical practices, and reporting documents for higher management and/or reporting bodies.

We can work with facilities to update or provide;

  • Policies and Procedures manuals,
  • Safety manuals,
  • Quality assurance systems,
  • Audits,
  • Education gaps analysis,
  • Research projects.

ACN 612 635 471

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